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wow! that helps!

Reasonably Ludicrous

A handy list of Do’s an Don’t’s!


Wander around your apartment in your underwear. Or, if you’re feeling ‘ballsy,’ completely naked! Your girlfriend was the one who always wanted you to “put some clothes on, for god’s sake.” You thought that was counterproductive–she was just going to take them off anyway! Well now’s your chance to feel those hard-to-reach spots get caressed by the winds of freedom rather than by someone who demands you come to every single one of her interpretive dance recitals. Enjoy it!


Watch at least 5 episodes of Entourage or any other show that makes relationships look worthless and singleness seem awesome. Don’t you want to be those guys? Well, if you were dating, you couldn’t be.


Watch The Notebook or Love, Actually, or anything that’s not about rampant casual sex or a lot of killing. Be careful. In some of those movies…

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I <3 Paris!

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Trip to My Dream World

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I close my eyes and imagine myself standing on top of  that wonderful place….

It’s so amazing to feel the breeze hitting my face so softly. The sparkly lights I see from up here make the sight even more magical. Suddenly I feel like a butterfly flying in the free sky. The freedom I feel right now…it is really amazing.  The life is so beautiful.

I wish this was true…

To do list:

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1. Smile which is like really easy. Just say “cheeeeeese”!
2. Laugh 😀
3. Stop acting like a ghost or should I say a zombie!
4. Quit thinking what others think of you. You have more important stuff to worry about.
5. Oh and quit worrying your abominable sister! Trust me, she is better off without your care for her.
6. AND STOP LOSING IT! B’coz your degree of insanity is way high for an ordinary teenage girl!

(Well I’m definitely losin’ it! In fact, I already have!)

No more!

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No more tears
No more sighs
It’s all over
It’s all gone.
No more looking over the shoulder.
No more worries.
It’s all over.
It’s all gone.
Let them tell anything.
Let them make up anything.
It gives them all the pleasure in the world.
Her name comes up pretty often.
She is the famous girl-next-door.
It seems like she is leading a thousand and one lives.
If only it was possible!
She goes ahead no matter what.
Never cares a darn about what they think of her.
Next time her name comes up,

(I know this sounds dumb enough to prove that I belong in the asylum. But, it just came to ma mind 😛 )

Always You (English version) Diego Boneta

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You are going to win… NOT!

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For about three and a half years, you have been my friend. You never forsook me. You never abandoned me. You were so faithful to me that you never let me out of your sight. You always made me feel your presence and kept reminding me that I was in good company.

But now, I guess I’m done being your friend! Yeah! The truth sucks as always! I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYMORE! IN FACT, WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS! I NEVER WANTED TO BE YOUR FRIEND!

You are the one who always wanted to win. You never gave me a chance. I always had to do what you wanted me to do. I never had a choice. IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU YOU YOU! But now it is all OVER! I will take my chances. I’m gonna fight you back. You had your turn. Now, it’s mine! You are not going to win this time. I AM GOING TO WIN!

I know there is nobody who can help me defeat you. I know I’m on my own. But, I’m going to be strong this time. I’m running out of tears to cry. I’m running out of breath to sigh. But, still I will fight you. Something tells me that I’m going to win one day. You even made me hate myself. You made me hate this whole world. I cursed myself. But, I’m over it now. I won’t let you possess me any longer. I have to continue my journey. AND I DON’T WANT YOU IN IT!

I will fight you till the day I die….  I WON’T LET YOU WIN!

(You = Migraine)